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School Bus Fleet with Oil Diaper

The Solution To Your Truck/Car Engine Oil Leak Can Be Found In Two Different Approaches:

    A. Engine Removal (To Replace Gaskets and Seals)

Vehicle Type Approximate Repair Costs
Autos / Light Truck $2000 - $3000
Medium Trucks $3000 - $4000
Heavy Trucks & Buses $5000 - $7000
Tractor Trailer Trucks $7000 - $10,000
Airline Ground Support Vehicles   $4000 - $7000

B. ENGINE DIAPER Installation (Simple To Install)

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Find the engine diaper that fits your size and type vehicle. Also helps follow EPA regulations for commercial vehicles and conveniently prevent oils stains on driveway.


Vehicle Type    Unit Price    Replacement Pad
Full Size   $149.50 $39.95
Mid Size $139.50 $39.95
Compacts $139.50 $39.95

Airport Ground Support

 Vehicle Type Unit Price    Replacement Pad
Baggage Tow Carts $139.50 $39.95
Airplane Tow Vehicles    $299.50 $49.95
Fuel Tankers $279.50 $49.95

Other Vehicles

Vehicle Type Unit Price    Replacement Pad
Tractor Trailer Trucks $299.50 $49.95
Public Transport Bus $299.50 $49.95
6 to 8-Ton Trucks $279.50 $49.95
5-Ton Trucks $239.50 $39.95
Pick-ups: 3 tons and Under      $159.50 $39.95
Utility Vans $189.50 $39.95
Mini Vans $159.50 $39.95
S.U.V.s $159.50 $39.95
Military Vehicles $279.50 $49.95

Return Policy

No product can be returned after installation or attempted installation.  Returns accepted only on products not installed up to 30 days after purchase.


Engine Leak Diapers, Inc. provides a full one-year warranty on our products that warrants against defects in materials and workmanship.

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