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About Engine Leak Diapers, Inc.

Engine Leak Diapers, Inc. is located in Austin, TX. We have your solution, whether its your personal vehicle or an 18 wheel tractor-trailer leaking engine oil.

The major motivational factor was the clear need to reduce and eventually eliminate NPS storm water run-off pollution from vehicles.

This type of water pollution occurs from storm water runoff after a rain storm, when oil from leaking vehicles is washed into our lakes, rivers, ground water, creeks, oceans, etc. With the goal of reducing water pollution from this source, Engine Leak Diapers, Inc. set out to accomplish this goal by:

Rain washing oil into drain.

1. Closing the gap in the EPA’s mandatory law which requires the recycling of vehicle engine oil but does nothing to prevent oil from leaking onto ground surfaces. This gap can be closed by the ENGINE DIAPER.

2. Providing fleet operations with an economical device for staying in compliance with their NPDES (National Pollution Discharge Elimination System) water permit requirements. The NPDES permit is an EPA contract/permit in which the organization agrees to adopt procedures, policies, and actions that stop engine oil leaks. Following EPA regulations should be the goal of all commercial drivers.

3. Providing the consumer an economical alternative to repair leaking vehicle engines or a car oil leak, that would leave oil stains on driveways, garages and/or parking lots.

Engine Leak Diapers, Inc. addresses the environmental issue of storm water run-off pollution, which along with air pollution are two of the most serious threats to our environment. "We offer a solution to water pollution, in the 21st century."

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