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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions about the ENGINE DIAPER from Engine Leak Diapers, Inc:

Question: Will the unit come off my vehicle at a certain speed?
Answer: No, the unit will not come off vehicle at any speed if it is installed according to specifications. Steel cables bolt it to frame and chassis.

Question: Can I install it to frame and chassis?
Answer: Yes, full comprehensive instructions are provided as a standard item with every purchase.

Question: What is the life of the ENGINE DIAPER?
Answer: The life of the ENGINE DIAPER will vary based primarily on driving conditions. On average, an ENGINE DIAPER has a life of 7 to 8 years if properly maintained. The absorbent pad is replaced every 6 to 8 months.

Question: Where do I recycle the pad?
Answer: The pad is recycled through all quick lube companies.

Question: How long will the pad last before reaching maximum capacity with oil?
Answer: The life of a pad is determined by the rate of oil leakage, anywhere between 6 and 8 months.

Question: Will the "shell" impact other parts of my vehicle when in motion?
Answer: No, the "shell" or tray, if attached properly according to instructions, does not affect the operation of any other part of the vehicle.

Question: What type of vehicle will it fit?
Answer: Since the ENGINE DIAPER is designed to be a universal fit device, a fit for all vehicles is possible.

Question: Can I transfer the unit from one vehicle to another?
Answer: Yes, the unit can be safely transferred to another vehicle when Engine Leak Diapers, Inc. installation instructions and specifications are used and followed. 

Question: How does the ENGINE DIAPER connect to the vehicle?
Answer: The ENGINE DIAPER is attached to a vehicle through a series or system of U-Bolts and steel cables.

Question: How does the ENGINE DIAPER pad stay secured during movement of vehicle?
Answer: The absorbent pad is guaranteed to remain securely in place during movement of vehicle because it is attached to the "shell" by a series of wing-nut screw arrangements.

Question: Can I replace the pad myself?
Answer: Yes, the pad is easily replaced by detaching one side of the ENGINE DIAPER, removing the old pad, and inserting a new pad. Then the side of the ENIGNE DIAPER that was detached is reattached.

Question: Is it possible for the pad to ignite?
Answer: No, the ENGINE DIAPER pad is flame-retardant and will not ignite.


1.    After installation of your Engine Diapers, our company was permitted to enter the construction site, since our trucks no longer        leaked engine oil.
       ~ Travis S.

2.   Your Engine Leak Diaper arrived timely, was installed; and the $159 price vs. an engine removal price of $2000 was an extremely         significant savings.           
      ~ Mack T.

3.    We installed an Engine Diaper on my 1976 muscle car. The diaper instantly stopped the oil leaks. Thanks!
       ~ Terry G.

4.    Thanks, your Engine Diaper put my company in compliance with EPA laws that prohibit engine oil leaks by commercial                        vehicles.
       ~ David C.

5.    Your 2 Engine Diapers stopped our 2 autos from leaking oil on our drive way.
        ~ Lisa H.

 6.   NO MORE OIL LEAKES!! and with 2 extra diaper pads, no more leaks for at least 2 years.
       ~ Howard W.

7.    The appearance of my driveway was significantly improved after the installation of your Engine Diaper on my SUV.
       ~ Jody R.

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