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Engine Repair Alternative For Oil Leaks in Dallas, Georgia

A. Auto Oil Diapers For Autos:

Oil spots on driveways and garage floors??? We save consumers an average of $1000 to $1200 over the engine removal repair method by installing an Auto Oil Diaper. It keeps ugly oil stains and spots off driveways and garage floors, to protect the appearance of your beautiful home.


Protect your NPDES permit: Our Green and Eco-friendly device can help eliminate oil slippery highways, and help eliminate storm water run off pollution that go into our streams, lakes, rivers and oceans. This run-off pollutes our nation's water supply. Protect yourself from legal violations while protecting our planet with our patented engine repair alternative for engine oil leaks.

C. Auto Oil Diapers For Distributors:

These amazing products expand your product lines and increase your profits. Don't miss out on this exclusive product which revolutionizes the automotive oil change industry and is only offered by Enviro-Shield Inc.


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Enviro-Shield, Inc. in Dallas, Georgia, birthplace of the Auto Oil Diaper, invites you to try our innovative and patented engine oil repair alternative. This device is designed to be permanently installed under the engine in your vehicle to keep oil leaks from reaching ground surfaces.
We are a company that provides consumers an economical alternative to repair leaking vehicle engines that soil garage floors and driveways. We also help cities, companies, organizations, and government agencies stay in compliance with the NPDES (National Pollution Discharge Elimination System) water permit requirements. The NPDES permit is an EPA contract where cities, companies, organizations, and government agencies agree to adopt new procedures, new practices and take actions that reduce or eliminate water pollution. Specifically, we provide an anti-pollution device that prevents leaking engine oil and other solvents from reaching ground surface:
Protect our water by eliminating oil pollution from highways, driveways, parking lots, airline parking ramps, and garages.
Increase your profits (for distributors and retailers) with a product that adds another product line and revolutionizes the automotive oil change industry. Our new product is simple to install, an economical alternative to engine repair, and supports NPDES water permit requirements.

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